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Police warn e-scooters are NOT a cheap alternative to a taxi after a boozy night out

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

An e-scooter is not a cheap alternative to a taxi after a boozy night out warns Essex Police.

Following the launch of their Christmas anti-drink drive campaign, Inspector Matt Crow of the Roads Policing Unit explains what everyone should know when it comes to buying and riding an e-scooter this Christmas.

“If you’re riding a privately-owned e-scooter in a public area, my officers will stop you because, put simply, they’re illegal. The only legal e-scooters on Essex roads are orange-branded Spin e-scooters which are part of the trial administered by Essex County Council on behalf of the Government.

“An e-scooter is not a toy, please don’t take one for a ride if you’ve been drinking.

“And if my officers suspect you’ve been drinking before riding any e-scooter, including the legal orange branded Spin e-scooters, you could be arrested for drink driving.

“Don’t think an e-scooter will be a cheap ride home after a night out, it won’t be. It could cost you your licence and your livelihood.

“Up until the end of November, we seized 347 privately-owned scooters because they were being ridden illegally.

“And the nearer it gets to Christmas, don’t leave your family wondering if you’re coming home, if you’re in custody or worse still, not coming home at all.

“This Christmas, make their present, your presence. Just don’t drink and drive.”

Police are urging anyone thinking of buying an e-scooter as a gift this Christmas, to be aware it’s perfectly legal to buy an e-scooter, but there are limits on where you can ride it.

A privately-owned e-scooter can only be used on private land with the landowner’s permission, it’s illegal to ride them on roads, footpaths, in fact any public area.

Retailers selling e-scooters have been asked to point out these restrictions at point of sale.

Anyone who uses a rental e-scooter must adhere to the Highway Code and road traffic laws, including drink or drug driving laws.


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