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POPPY CABS: Bonnet offers taxi drivers free electric charging on Remembrance Sunday

Image credit: Ross Campbell

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging platform, Bonnet, is supporting 130 EV taxi drivers taking part in the ‘Poppy Cabs’ scheme on 14 November.

The Poppy Cabs initiative has been running since 2009 and sees around 500 registered taxi drivers take veterans to the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in Central London for free.

Around 5,000 current and former members of the armed forces will be transported from all mainline London train stations, Victoria coach station, The Victory Service Club and Union Jack Club to the Remembrance Sunday service.

Taxi Drivers will be offered one free charge at over 1,000 charge points linked through the Bonnet app (downloadable here: iOS; Google Play) around central London by using the code POPPYCABS, which will open at midnight on the 10th of November and end at 11.59pm on 15th November.

Patrick Reich, Co-found at Bonnet, said: “We are incredibly pleased to be supporting Poppy Cabs by offering free public charging to any EV taxi driver taking part in this scheme. We know the amazing work these cabbies do every year by transporting British service people to the Remembrance Sunday Service in Central London. Over 10,000 people are expected to visit London for the service, and we want to support greener transport options.

“Past and present members of the armed forces deserve the recognition and support on such an important day in history, which is why it’s great to see this initiative continue to grow – and get greener - every year.”

Mike Hughes, Poppy Cab Independent Taxi Coordinator, said: “London’s black cab taxi drivers have always taken helping our veterans to their hearts. Poppy Cabs in funded by the drivers and their families who give up their time and their vehicles at their own cost. During the COVID pandemic many of them suffered financial hardships yet they are once again ready to unselfishly help others. This initiative by Bonnet will be very welcome and go some way to mitigating the costs they incur.”


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