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Popular YouTube taxi driver explains why cabbies were handed 7.61% tariff increase in April 2023

Popular London taxi driver and YouTube Creator Tom Hutley has published a video explaining why London’s cabbies were handed a 7.61% tariff increase and also questions whether it was strictly enough.

Hutley, a London taxi driver and successful YouTuber with nearly 75,000 subscribers, shared his thoughts on the increase which goes live later in April 2023.

Many London taxi drivers have been left ‘disappointed’ by the below inflation tariff increase which was given the green light by the Transport for London (TfL) Finance Committee.

Passengers will see weekday, weekend and night rates (between 10pm and 5am) go up by 7.61%. The minimum fare of £3.80 will stay as it is.

Hutley describes how the metered fare is calculated using a method called a ‘Taxi Cost Index’. The formula should take into account the cost of running a taxi and costs for every living day expense.


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