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Portsmouth cabbies can now use magnetic livery signs following spate of targeted vandalism

Taxi and private hire drivers licensed in Portsmouth will now be allowed to use magnetic signs after members of the council's licensing committee agreed to run a 12-month trial.

The decision comes following a spate of vandalism where drivers believed they were being targeted.

The signs, used to indicate that the vehicles are licensed by the council, were approved by councillors in February this year but their roll-out was subject to when the signs could be ready.

Confirmation of the decision was made during a virtual licensing meeting on 25 September.

It was also agreed that as part of the trial the council will implement a four point penalty if signs are not correctly displayed. The costs of the signs will be met by drivers as part of their licence.

Drivers will have the option to stick to the permanent signs if preferred.

The trial will be reviewed in November 2021.


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