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TROTTING TAXI: Council licenses HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE in bid to support greener transport options

Image credit: British Horse Society (BHS)

Powys County Council have officially licensed a horse drawn carriage to operate in Llandrindod in a bid to support greener transport options in the area.

This development has been met with enthusiasm from the British Horse Society (BHS), whose Access Officer, Penny Nicholson, successfully obtained the licence from the council.

The horse-drawn carriage, driven by Penny and guided by the trusty horse named Ozzy, are aiming to quickly become a vital addition to the town's transportation options.

The introduction of the horse-drawn carriage aligns with visions to promote greener sustainable travel choices and reduce carbon emissions.

A British Horse Society (BHS) spokesperson said via social media: “Penny Nicholson Access Officer for British Horse Society (BHS) has successfully received her Hackney Carriage licence from Powys County Council.

“Penny picked up her first fares for a trip to the Lake in Llandrindod. Councillor Jackie Charlton and Councillor Corinna Keynon-Wade who said they had an enjoyable experience and it was a lovely way to take a taxi.

“Best wishes to Ozzy the cob and Penny. Llandrindod is very lucky to have the original and best Green Active travel mode of transport. Keep trotting on.“


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