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Preston City Council the latest authority to consult on new taxi and PHV licensing regulations

Preston City Council are the latest authority to have launched a consultation on new draft policies relating to the licensing and regulation of taxi and private hire vehicles, drivers and operators.

The review of existing policies and procedures is in response to government guidance issued last year called 'Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Standards'.

Some of the proposed changes include more regular Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for drivers, vehicle proprietors and operators along with improve 'staying safe' guidance for passengers.

Councillor David Borrow, Cabinet member for planning and regulation, said: "The latest review of our policies will help us ensure that we are supporting the taxi and private hire trades and their passengers to be safe and feel confident during their journeys. We already have high standards in Preston and many of the recommendations will only strengthen safeguarding measures for the benefit of drivers and passengers.

"I hope members of the public as well as licence holders and other stakeholders take the time to fill out the consultation questionnaire, the results of which will be considered as part of the decision-making process."

The consultation is open for responses until 22 October 2021.


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