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Private hire app passenger queue jump feature raises concerns from councillors who call it 'immoral'

A queue jump feature offered by a local private hire firm in Middlesbrough has raised eyebrows amongst councillors in Stockton, who say, although it's not illegal, it could be considered 'immoral'.

Boro Taxis offers booking passengers the opportunity to jump to the front of the queue for a vehicle for a fee of £2.

At a Stockton Council meeting held on 20 November, Cllr Ted Strike raised complaints about the feature saying he thinks it's totally immoral when a fee can be paid to jump ahead of people who have been waiting.

He said: “I wonder if the cabinet could look into this to see if they are breaking any rules - and whether we can put a stop to it if possible?”

Teesside Live reported a response from the firm, saying: “We’re delighted to be receiving publicity for our new app from Stockton Council, which is proving to be hugely popular with thousands of users across the North-east.

“The so-called “queue jump” feature is used by Teessiders all the time, just as they purchase speedy boarding when jetting off on their summer holidays.

“It seems we’ve got lots of ‘appy’ customers but not many ‘appy’ councillors.”

Image credit: Pixabay


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