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Private hire driver found to be operating without valid hire and reward insurance in Reading

Image credit: Pixabay

Officers were recently joined by Reading Borough Council’s Licensing Enforcement officers who carried out checks on licensed vehicles. At the static checkpoint there were a total of 24 vehicles inspected.

One private hire vehicle was found to be without valid vehicle insurance cover for hire and reward, and another vehicle required further enquiries in relation to its insurance.

A vehicle was discovered with a rear brake light not working and a fixed penalty notice was issued. A vehicle did not have a roof sign, one was missing its rear plate and there were three instances of no driver badges being worn. Investigations into these offences are ongoing.

A mobile unit also joined officers and discovered a private hire vehicle plying for hire, a vehicle with no rear plate and not displaying the driver’s badge along with a private hire vehicle parked unattended on the Red Route in the town centre. Two Hackney Carriage drivers were given advice about leaving their vehicles idling whilst stationary on or waiting to get onto a rank.

Sgt Crofts added: “This operation resulted in seven suspected impaired drivers being removed from our roads and a number other offences being detected. Working closely with Reading Borough Council, this enables us to reduce the risk to all road users and pedestrians and to prevent harm.”

Mark Groves, Senior Licensing Enforcement Officer at Reading Borough Council, said: “By working in partnership with Thames Valley Police, we hope this reminds Hackney Carriage and Private Hire trades that we are around and will deal with any offences accordingly. The public’s safety is paramount and joint operations such as this make Reading a safer place for both its residents and visitors.”

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