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Private hire driver has vehicle seized for operating without insurance

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Image credit : Twitter @GMPRochdale

A private hire driver has had his vehicle seized for operating without insurance in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

Officers for Greater Manchester Police Rochdale Unit intercepted the vehicle and completed roadside checks which revealed the vehicle was not insured.

Using social media to highlight the offence, a spokesperson for the force said: "A motorist has had his vehicle seized, whilst operating as a taxi & driving without insurance.

"Taxi drivers like to say they would go the extra mile for their customers.

"Not without any insurance they won't!"

A picture posted by the police shows the silver Toyota being towed away. A door signage has been blurred out, hiding which operator the driver was working with.

The man's licensing authority will also be notified of the offence, which could result in the private hire driver having his licence revoked.


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