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Private hire driver ignored police because he ‘had a job on’ found with RIDICULOUSLY placed sat-nav

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Image credit: GMP Traffic (Twitter)

A private hire driver ignoring police directions because he ‘had a job on’ was found to have their windscreen obscured by a ridiculously placed sat-nav.

Officers from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Traffic shared images of the blue Toyota Prius after it almost collided with a police car.

Officers requested the driver pull over using ‘follow me’ matrix signage, but the minicab driver continued his journey to his next job.

After pulling over the vehicle, police officers found a large sat-nav screen placed at eye level in the middle of the windscreen.

A spokesperson from GMP Traffic officers via social media said: “Vehicle failed to give way at a junction and almost collided with #XT84 in @GMPstretford.

“Driver ignored “police follow me” matrix as he “had a job on”.

Image credit: GMP Traffic (Twitter)

“Eventually stopped, the windscreen was found to be obscured, limiting the drivers view of the road ahead.”


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