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Private hire driver order to pay over £700 for failing to display licensing plate

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Private hire driver ordered to pay over £700 for failing to display licensing plate.

An Accrington private hire driver pleaded guilty to the offence of using a private hire vehicle (PHV) without displaying a valid licence plate during a court hearing at Burnley Magistrates' Court on 5 October.

The driver, who had been previously warned about not displaying the correct signage on his vehicle, was found once again to be in violation of the law.

According to legislation, all licensed vehicles are required to display a plate issued by the Council on the back of the vehicle at all times. Despite the prior warning, a licensing enforcement officer witnessed the vehicle without any signage during another instance.

The defendant received a fine of £333 and was further ordered to pay £133 victim surcharge and £265 in costs. Highlighting the significance of public safety, a spokesperson for Hyndburn Borough Council emphasised that the council takes such matters very seriously.

A spokesperson for Hyndburn Borough Council said: “The Council take public safety very seriously and it is important that all licensed vehicles are displaying the correct signage at all times to ensure that members of the public can be satisfied that they are getting into a properly licensed vehicle.

“We would like to extend a warm thanks to everyone involved in seeing justice with this case and we implore the other licensed drivers of Hyndburn to heed this case as a sign that we don’t take these matters lightly – we are committed to the safety of our residents.”


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