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Private hire driver waited on the hard shoulder of motorway to pick up fare from Manchester Airport

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Image credit: Facebook-NW Motorway Police

A private hire driver has been caught parked up on the hard shoulder of a motorway waiting to pick up a fare from Manchester Airport.

A Traffic Offence Report was issued by North West Motorway Police after they spotted the parked minicab.

Officers said when they asked the driver what he was doing parked there, the driver replied he was waiting to collect a fare.

North West Motorway Police posted on their Facebook page an account of the incident, saying: “Private hire driver stopped on hard shoulder of motorway, stated waiting to collect a fare from the airport.

”Traffic Offence Report issued. #ME54 @gmptraffic.”

Facebook users had a few things to say about the driver's decision to park there, with one writing: “Should report to the licensing authority and hopefully they’ll remove their licence.”

Another wrote: “I pick up from the airport too, but don’t even think about stopping on the hard shoulder. There’s lots of places to wait other than the hard shoulder.”


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