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Private hire drivers shut down Glasgow central in protest against lack of financial support

Image credit : ADCU

Private hire drivers, in conjunction with the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU), have brought central Glasgow to a standstill in protest against the lack of government financial support.

The taxi and private hire industry has been left out of the Government's latest COVID related support package as restrictions come back into force across Scotland.

Drivers are now staging a protest to highlight the dire situation the current restrictions could leave them in with no financial support to help them through the coming weeks and maybe even months.

ADCU bosses are claiming that requests for industry support is being ignored by those in power, and have organised the protest in an attempt to highlight the issue.

Eddie Grace, the Glasgow Chair of the ADCU, said: "We are demanding to be heard. We put our request across and they have been ignored.

"Our trade is suffering again. Drivers are suffering again. This protest is about making sure we are listened to and engaged with and about securing support for hard working drivers who are at risk of losing their livelihoods yet again."


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