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Private hire drivers union set for huge announcement challenging TfL's position to protect workers 

United Private Hire Drivers union (UPHD) is set to make a huge announcement on Monday 11 November after attacking London's taxi and private hire regulator Transport for London via social media.

In a tweet sent out on Sunday 10 November the union stated: "Standby for huge announcement tomorrow. After years of lies & denials from @TfLTPH we'll show they've had powers to protect workers all along but instead chose to put their foot on the scales to help Uber exploit & deny us trade union rights at work & the regulator."

The union has consistently argued that drivers for ride-sharing apps Uber and now Bolt should be entitled to workers' rights and have stressed on a number of occasions that currently their drivers are working in "sweatshop conditions".

An open letter was recently penned by the union to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, asking him to step in and take action in the fight against the big app based firms who they say are exploiting drivers.

UPHD drivers are set to join trade representatives in a demonstration against the Mayor of London on Monday 11 November when he is due to announce an increase in the London minimum living wage.

Image credit: Pexels


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