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Private hire firm says 60 vehicles were forced off the road in 2020 due to vandalism by local kids

Image credit: Cas Cars

A private hire firm based in Castleford, West Yorkshire, has said they are considering limiting their service to certain areas after a number of incidents involving youths terrorising drivers and damaging vehicles have been reported.

Cas Cars has said that in the last 12 months they have dealt with 60 separate incidents where their vehicles have had to be taken off the road due to damage caused by local kids throwing things at them.

Speaking to TaxiPoint, a spokesperson for the company, said: “Just 2 months ago we had a couple of our minibus windows smashed by bricks in the same area and we was promised by authorities it will take action, but nothing has been done because it’s still happening in the same area.

“In 2020, over 60 times taxis belonging to our company alone, have been seriously damaged resulting in being taken off the road due to kids throwing objects at them.

“Every time a driver reports an incident to the police, the only thing they received is a log number. No other further action is ever taken, as they don't have enough evidence to identify the culprits, as all the kids are wearing hoodies or face coverings. This has resulted in drivers not bothering to report the incidents as it is just waste of time.

“Our trade has been severely impacted due to COVID-19 and our local authority or government have not given any sort of financial help for the trade. Drivers cannot afford to keep repairing their vehicles due to damaged caused by kids throwing objects at them. A lot of drivers won't claim off insurance as the excess is more then the damaged caused and also will result in higher premiums at renewal.

Image credit: Cas Cars

“What will it take for the authorities to take us seriously. It seems like the authorities are not interested to take any action until someone is seriously injured. We as a company cannot risk our driver and passenger safety so we will have to consider reducing service which can have a severe impact on the public as some rely on taxis to get to or from work or care for vulnerable people in the area.”

The statement comes after the latest of incidents which saw a group of youths throw a baseball bat at one of their private hire vehicles, causing damage to its bodywork.

Speaking on the incident, Cas Cars, added: “We have received footage of the incident and can confirm it was not a brick as stated originally. It was a baseball bat that damaged the vehicle.

“In the interest of our drivers and passengers safety, we want to put a stop to this sort of behaviour before someone is seriously injured.

Image credit: Cas Cars

“Last night several of our vehicles and other private vehicles were damaged by youths throwing bricks & snowballs in Airedale & Ferry Fryston.

“Because of this we are considering restricting services to certain areas of Airedale & Ferry Fryston at certain times. If you know who these kids are or if they are members of your family we implore you to make them stop before someone gets seriously injured or worse.

“We regret to say if this sort of behaviour happens again we will be left with no option but to cut off service to certain areas of Airedale & Ferry Fryston.”


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