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Private hire Tesla seized in Edinburgh after driver reported for lack of insurance

Image credit: Roads Policing Scotland

A white Tesla, displaying what appears to be a private hire vehicle plate, was pulled over by police due to insurance concerns.

An image of the scene, shared widely on social media, has drawn significant attention. A closer look at the image reveals a section of a private hire vehicle licence plate peeking out from beneath a blanked-out car registration.

Roads Policing Scotland provided further details, stating that their officers stopped the vehicle after a routine check showed no insurance policy was in place for the car. As a result, the driver has been reported for summons, and the vehicle has been seized by the authorities.

The lack of insurance for any vehicle is a serious matter, with legal implications that can lead to substantial fines, points on a driving licence, and in this case, the confiscation of the vehicle. In the context of private hire vehicles, maintaining proper insurance is even more critical, as it directly impacts the safety of passengers and other road users.

A Roads Policing Scotland spokesperson said on social media: “Edinburgh Roads Police stopped this vehicle today on West Harbour Road, Edinburgh after a check showed that there was not a policy of insurance for the vehicle.

“The driver was reported for summons and the vehicle was seized.”


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