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Private hire vehicle driver arrested after police find faulty door and driver drug use

Updated: 3 days ago

Image credit: Merseyside Police Traffic

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver was arrested after Merseyside Police found a faulty vehicle door and driver drug use.

During a routine check, Merseyside Police traffic officers, who are also qualified vehicle examiners, discovered that the PHV in question had a front nearside tyre worn beyond the legal limit. Additionally, a critical fault was identified with the vehicle's sliding door, which was found to be insecure.

Compounding the vehicle's safety infringements, the driver of the PHV was arrested after tests indicated the presence of both cannabis and cocaine in their system.

The vehicle was immediately prohibited from use, highlighting the police's zero-tolerance stance.

A Merseyside Police Traffic spokesperson said: “Most of our officers are vehicle examiners and will stop vehicles to ensure road worthiness.

“This front nearside tyre was below the legal limit and the sliding door was loose on this PHV (private hire vehicle).

“It was prohibited and the driver tested positive for cannabis and cocaine and was arrested.”


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