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Private hire vehicle driver issued fixed penalty notice for obstructing traffic in Liverpool

Image credit: Liverpool City Council Licensing

A private hire driver in Liverpool found himself on the wrong side of the law after stopping his vehicle at traffic lights in a live lane to wait for a customer.

The incident, which occurred on Dale Street, led to the driver being issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for obstruction.

Drivers must ensure they adhere to parking regulations, especially when dealing with customer pick-ups and drop-offs. The incident serves as a reminder to all private hire drivers to exercise caution and follow local regulations to avoid penalties.

A Liverpool City Council Licensing spokesperson said: “The driver of a private hire vehicle who had stopped at traffic lights in a live lane of traffic to wait for a customer was issued with an Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for obstruction.

"Please be mindful of where you park your vehicles while waiting for or when picking up your customers.”


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