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Private Hire Vehicle driver reported by police after REFUSING to wear a seatbelt

Updated: May 8

Image credit: GMP Traffic

A Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) driver was reported by the police after refusing to wear a seatbelt in the Manchester area.

The incident unfolded when a GMP Motorcycle Unit officer observed the driver operating the vehicle without a seatbelt on Park Road, Stretford. Initial advice was given to the driver to rectify the situation by fastening the seatbelt. However, the driver chose to ignore this safety directive, leading to further police action.

The regulations surrounding the wearing of seatbelts for drivers in the UK are clear. While licensed taxi drivers who are actively seeking passengers or stationed at taxi ranks—known in the trade as 'plying for hire'—are exempt from the requirement to wear a seatbelt, this exemption does not extend to PHV drivers without passengers.

The law mandates that PHV drivers must wear seatbelts when there are no passengers in the vehicle.

Both taxi and PHV drivers are exempt from wearing a seat belt when passengers are onboard.

Despite the exemption many licensed taxi drivers still choose to wear seatbelts. However, cabbies who drive vehicles that contain no customer partitions risk their personal safety by wearing a seat belt. The rule stops passengers inside the vehicle potentially restraining or strangling the driver with the active seat belt.

A Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Traffic spokesperson said: “Vehicle stopped Park Road, Stretford by GMP Motorcycle Unit for not wearing a seatbelt.

“Advice initially given to the driver who then refused to put his belt on. Traffic offence report issued.”


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