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Private hire vehicle driver taken to court over unpaid Avon and Somerset Police fine for worn tyre

A private hire vehicle (PHV) driver in Avon and Somerset has been ordered to pay £706 for driving with a worn tyre after ignoring the original fine.

The incident occurred last November when an officer from Avon and Somerset Police stopped a PHV driver who was carrying a passenger. During the routine check, it was discovered that one of the vehicle's tyres was significantly worn.

Initially, the driver received a fixed penalty notice which included three points on their licence and a £100 fine. However, the driver failed to pay the fine, leading to further legal action.

Earlier this month, the Court revisited the case, resulting in a more severe penalty. The driver was again given three points on their licence, but this time was also ordered to pay a total of £706 in fines and court costs.

This case serves as a reminder to licensed drivers of the need to not only maintain their vehicles to a roadworthy condition, but also pay and respond to penalties issued.


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