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Private hire vehicle reported for being OVERWEIGHT in Staffordshire

Image credit: Staffordshire Police Roads Policing (SPRP)

Staffordshire Police Roads Policing (SPRP) has reported a private hire vehicle (PHV) for being overweight.

The minicab, which was spotted in the SPRP area, was found to be 25 percent heavier than permitted. A police spokesperson shared an image of the licensed car on social media, stating that the vehicle was immediately prohibited and the driver was reported.

Overloading a vehicle can result in severe consequences, including accidents, damage to roads, and fines. It is unknown what was in the vehilce overloading the weight.

A SPRP spokesperson said: “This vehicle was spotted in the SPRP area looking a little heavier than permitted. When it was weighed it was found to be 25% overweight. Vehicle prohibited and driver reported.”


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