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Private hire vehicle suspended over illegal tyre in Blackpool during joint Wolverhampton operation

Updated: Jan 3

Image credit: WV Public Protection (x)

In a joint operation conducted by the City of Wolverhampton Licensing and Lancashire Police in Blackpool, a vehicle was suspended due to the use of an illegal tyre.

This action comes as part of a broader initiative to ensure compliance and safety standards among licensed vehicles.

A spokesperson for the City of Wolverhampton Licensing emphasised the overall success of the operation, noting an "excellent level of compliance" among the majority of vehicles inspected. However, the discovery of a vehicle operating with an illegal tyre served as a stark reminder of the continuous need for vigilance in vehicle maintenance.

The spokesperson sternly reminded all drivers of the importance of checking their vehicles and tyres before each shift, stating: “There is no excuse.” Drivers are responsible for ensuring their vehicles are safe and roadworthy, not only for their own safety but also for the safety of their passengers and other road users.

A City of Wolverhampton Licensing spokesperson said: “Compliance Officers working with Lancashire Police last night in Blackpool. Overall, an excellent level of compliance but one vehicle suspended for an illegal tyre.

“There is no excuse, check your vehicle and tyres before every shift!”


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