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Proposal to allow Manchester cabbies to pass airport drop-off fees to passengers being considered

Hackney carriage taxi drivers licensed with Manchester City Council may soon be entitled to pass on the full Manchester Airport drop-off fees to their passengers if they wish to do so.

The council have agreed to put forward the recommendation, made by the Licensing and Appeals Committee, which would see the current hackney carriage taxi fare card amended from its current charge of £1.80 to £3.

Manchester Airport Group (MAG) had amended the charging structure for the drop off zones at all terminals. Any charges imposed on a hackney carriage taxi by a third party can only be recovered if they are indicated specifically on the fare card to ensure the customer understands the legal applicable charges on the meter.

In its capacity as advisor to the Executive on hackney carriage fares, the Licensing and Appeals Committee considered a report at its meeting on 30 November 2020, which set out a proposal to amend the current hackney carriage taxi fare card in relation to increased charges that drivers are subjected to at Manchester Airport.

The committee was recommending that the increase in charges made by the airport be added to the fare card so that drivers could recover that from their passengers and not have to carry that cost themselves.

During a meeting held by the council on Wednesday 3 February, the committee agreed to approve the recommendation within their report.

To find out how much UK airports charge to drop passengers outside terminals, read AIRPORT DROP OFF FEES; A thorn in the taxi drivers side.


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