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Q2 2023 ANALYSIS: Taxi Butler report shows substantial growth in UK & Ireland taxi booking markets

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Taxi Butler today announced the launch of their Global Taxi Booking Report for Quarter 2 of 2023 highlighting substantial growth in UK & Ireland markets.

The report features comprehensive data analysis into B2B taxi bookings throughout the last quarter on a global and regional level.

Some key highlights and takeaways include:

  • A 0.6% average week-over-week growth last quarter

  • A 3.1% dip in bookings between Q1 2023 and Q2 2023

  • UK & IE witnessed substantial growth last quarter, with 5.3% average month-over-month growth, followed by Europe (3%) and North America (2.6%)

  • Casinos have become more popular than airports for taxi bookings last quarter.

According to the report, Q2 2023 experienced a 3.1% decrease in bookings compared to Q1 2023 and fewer bookings compared to Q3 and Q4 2022. However, May 2023 exhibited a noteworthy improvement, surpassing April 2023 with an 11.4% increase in average bookings from venues. Furthermore, June 2023 followed suit with a marginal growth of 0.1% in average bookings compared to May 2023. Overall, April to June 2023 experienced an 11.5% growth, with May emerging as the highest month of growth.

Taxi Butler’s Sales Director, Laurence Docherty, said: "At Taxi Butler, we remain committed to driving the global taxi industry forward with our cutting-edge technology and insights. Our Q2 2023 Global Taxi Booking Report aims to assist taxi business owners in navigating the market with data-driven trends. Despite the challenges faced by the industry in Q2 2023, we remain optimistic for future growth. Let's continue to work together towards a more connected and successful industry."


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