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QUEEN’S MOURNING AND FUNERAL: Taxi drivers warned of extensive ROAD CLOSURES in London this week

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Image credit: MPS

Several roads in the heart of London have been closed to taxis and other traffic in preparation of the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Transport for London (TfL) relayed the new closures put in place by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) this evening to allow a rehearsal to take place.

Today’s closures follow those put in place at around 8.30am on Monday 12 September, where access for vehicle and cycles around St James Park and Green Park ceased. Those closures briefly lifted at around midday.

There are now extended road closures from Tuesday 13 September to Thursday 15 September. The following roads have been closed from 7pm on Tuesday 13 September:

  • Parliament Square

  • Victoria Street at Artillery Row

  • Millbank from Lambeth Bridge

  • Whitehall from Trafalgar Square

  • Bridge Street

The MPS will only allow vehicles critical to the success and safety of the ceremonial rehearsal event. Taxis and private hire vehicles will not be able to access these areas to pick-up or drop-off passengers for the duration of the closures.

From 5am Wednesday 14 September, Trafalgar Square, The Strand (west bound), Victoria Embankment (from Southwark Bridge) and Westminster Bridge will be closed. At 3pm Victoria Embankment will be considered for reopening. At 3pm Victoria Street will be closed from Bressenden Place to Artillery Row until 10am on Thursday the 15 September. At 11pm Trafalgar Square will be considered for reopening (or sooner if possible) Park Lane and Hyde Park Corner may be closed at 3pm on Wednesday 14 September until approximately 5.30pm to allow crowds to leave the area. Park Lane and Hyde Park Corner will close again at 11pm until 6am on Thursday 15 September. All vehicles, including taxi and private hire vehicles, will not be permitted access to these areas whilst the closures are in place. The MPS website and @MetPoliceEvents Twitter feed will be updated with information about any further road closures. Taxi drivers were urged by TfL to check regularly for updates and plan their trips accordingly.


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