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QUOTED £200: Passenger left in disbelief after forking out £600 on Uber journey from Euston Station

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A passenger was left in disbelief after a quoted £200 Uber ride from London to Nuneaton actually cost him and his family close to a whopping £600.

The passenger known only as DW, said via social media: “I was charged nearly £600 for a ride from Euston to Nuneaton on Tuesday afternoon, and the quoted fare was around £200.

“How? There was no change of destination, no deviation, no stops en-route!

“Somebody needs to help on this as it’s theft.”

On Tuesday, many trains were cancelled due to the record high temperatures throughout the country. The passenger and his family chose to try their luck with an Uber vehicle by using the service for the first time.

The quotes provided by Uber are used as a guideline for users of the app. During periods of high demand the prices may increase, a pricing model known as ‘Surge Charging’.

Taxi drivers responding to the passenger suggested he and his family use a licensed black cab if ever put in a similar situation with price estimates of £350 for the 100 mile journey.


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