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Raging cabbie ordered to pay £2,700 after smashing up airport parking machine over £4 charge

A cabbie has been ordered to pay £2,700 in way of compensation and damages after losing his temper and smashing up a car park payment machine in a fit of rage.

The incident occurred at Glasgow City Airport where the driver was dropping off his mother. When exiting the car park he was asked to pay the £4 parking fee he owed.

The cabbie said because he had used his disability parking badge he was exempt from the charges but he was informed that this was not the case and that he had to pay the £4 charge.

The driver saw red, grabbing a torch from his vehicle and smashing the machine’s display screen.

The court heard that the man went on to eventually pay the £4, but due to the extensive damage caused to the machine he was ordered to pay £2,700, which is to be paid in monthly instalments of £120.


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