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RAPAID equips 2,000th London taxi with life-saving kit in commemorating London Bridge attack

Image credit: RAPAID

RAPAID, a charity organisation that provides emergency bandages, celebrated a significant milestone as it equipped its 2,000th London taxi with a life-saving kit.

This achievement was marked by the charity's founder, Alex Chivers, who presented the kit to taxi driver Howard Taylor outside London Bridge tube station to commemorate the upcoming fourth anniversary of the 2019 London Bridge terrorist attack.

Accompanying Chivers and Taylor were Darryn Frost QGM, hailed as a hero for confronting the terrorist during the London Bridge attack with a Narwhal tusk, preventing further loss of life. Also present was Travis Frain BCA, an anti-terrorism activist and survivor of the 2017 Westminster Bridge attack.

The installation of the 2,000th emergency bandage kit is part of RAPAID's ambitious initiative aimed at equipping half of London's iconic Hackney carriages with these life-saving kits.

Supported by the Licensed Taxi Driver's Association (LTDA) and endorsed by Transport for London (TfL), the charity strives to make emergency bandage kits as accessible as possible to enable members of the public to become vital first responders, particularly in situations where victims experience severe blood loss.

Since the rollout of RAPAID's kits began, these life-saving supplies have been deployed on several occasions, including a recent road traffic accident and an incident where a police officer flagged down a cab to assist an injured individual.


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