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READING TARIFF REVIEW: Night time flag fall could rise to £6.90 in Reading

In an effort to address rising costs faced by licensed drivers, the taxi industry in the town of Reading has put forward fresh proposals for potential fare increases.

This comes as part of a regular review process called ‘cost indexing’ that considers factors such as inflation and fuel prices, alongside other pressures.

At a recent meeting, the Licensing Applications Committee of the Reading Borough Council deliberated on four options presented by the drivers regarding potential fare hikes. Black cab taxi fares are segmented into two tariffs: a day fare, effective from 6am to 10pm, and a night fare, applicable from 10pm to 6am, including public holidays such as Christmas and New Year's.

Under the current system, fares accumulate based on a distance value, with a rate of 20p per unit for both day and night journeys. However, as a result of discussions between trade representatives and councillors, a ‘hybrid’ version of the proposals was agreed upon.

The proposed changes consist of an 8% increase for day fares and a 10% increase for night fares. Additionally, the 20p charge per yard would take effect every 123 yards, as opposed to the current 133 yards.

Of the suggested options, the preferred choice by the council, known as RTA's option 1, replaces the existing 50% surcharge for public holiday journeys with a new fare structure. This structure includes a day fare flag drop of £5.40, along with a 20p charge per yard, and a night fare flag drop of £6.90, along with a 30p charge per yard.

Although these proposed fare increases have not yet been implemented, the committee has agreed to initiate a statutory consultation process. This consultation will provide an opportunity for public input and feedback on the proposed changes, with the topic expected to be revisited later this year for further discussion.


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