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REASON TO STOP: McDonald's voted most essential service station restaurant by over third of drivers

In a recent survey conducted by car insurance experts at Compare the Market, it has been revealed that McDonald's is the top choice for over a third (36%) of drivers as the most essential restaurant chain for service stations.

The fast-food giant's quick and convenient nature has made it a popular choice among road trippers, securing its position as a road trip classic.

Coming in a close second, Costa Coffee received a rating of essential from 32% of drivers. The popular coffee chain's presence in service stations across the country has made it a go-to spot for many motorists looking for a caffeine boost during their long drives.

Filling up the third spot is Greggs, the beloved British bakery chain. Eager to satisfy their cravings for sausage rolls and delicious baked goods, nearly one in three (29%) drivers consider Greggs an essential stop during their pitstops at service stations.

The survey brings attention to the significance of service station restaurants in providing drivers with necessary amenities and options while on the road. Factors such as quick service, convenience, and a diverse menu seem to drive driver preferences when it comes to selecting the most essential service station restaurants.

As road trips continue to gain popularity, it's clear that drivers prioritize not only reaching their destination but also thoroughly enjoying the journey.

Julie Daniels from the car insurance team at Compare the Market said: “When preparing for a long drive, it’s always a good idea to plan your journey ahead of time so you can factor in regular breaks, in order to stay alert and keep yourself and others safe. This will also let you find a service station that best meets your needs, whether you have a favourite restaurant chain or need an EV charging point.”


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