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Red Route fines could soon increase to £160 under new proposals put forward by Transport for London

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Image credit : Transport for London

The capital's transport authority Transport for London (TfL) have put forward proposals that would see fines for Red Route offences increase from £130 to £160.

A survey sent out by TfL, says: "To help keep London moving safely and reduce disruption and delays we are proposing to increase the fine level (TfL penalty charge) from £130 to £160 for people who fail to follow the rules of the red route network (those roads we manage in London). The fine level would be reduced by half to £80 if paid within 14 days."

As part of the survey, TfL are asking whether an increase in the fine amount is considered a deterrent for possible offenders or whether the current fine is sufficient enough.

They are also looking to find out if such an increase to the fine amount would cause financial hardship to them if they were to be issued with a fine.

London's red routes form a network of major roads that make up 5% of the roads, but carry up to 30% of the city's traffic. If you don't follow the signs and road markings, TfL are likely to issue you with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Transport for London say their priority is to keep London moving and reduce delays, not raising revenue through fines. They say they are trying to help people understand red routes so that they avoid an unnecessary fine.

TfL monitor the following on red routes:

  • Parking and loading

  • Yellow box junctions and banned turns

  • Bus lanes.

The majority of roads in London are managed by local councils. Roads with yellow lines or pay and display meters, parking meters or residents' parking bays are all managed by the local London Authority and not TfL.


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