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Remember - No idling engines while waiting for a fare otherwise you could be slapped with a fine

Transport for London have taken to social media to remind drivers that leaving engines running while stationary could lead to an unwanted fine of up to £200.

It is illegal to leave your engine running when stationary under the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002 Act, unless you are waiting at traffic lights, moving slowly through congestion or getting a repair or defrosting a windscreen.

Transport for London have said their compliance officers regularly advise drivers of idling taxi or private hire vehicles to move on or switch off their engine.

With the cold winter weather moving in with the darker evenings, it's important to remember it's illegal to leave your engine running even if you're attempting to stay warm whilst waiting for a fare.

Transport for London advise:

- If stationary and waiting more than a couple of minutes for a customer, switch your engine off to avoid idling.

- Restarting an engine causes less pollution and uses less fuel than keeping the engine idling. Modern batteries don't need as much engine time to remain charged.

- Avoid an idling engine and you'll help to lower air pollution, improve air quality and save yourself money on fuel.

So instead of risking a fixed penalty of up to £200, it may be wise to invest your money in a swazzy thick winter coat for those extra cold shifts.

Image credit: Flickr - Mic


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