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Repeat offender littering private hire driver should have his licence revoked says Luton Councillor

Image credit: Pixabay

A Luton councillor has said that a private hire driver who he's seen littering on numerous occasions outside his home, should have his licence revoked if caught.

During an executive meeting held by Luton Council, Cllr Tom Shaw said he has seen the same private hire driver pull up to drink a cup of tea along his road, before dumping the litter under his vehicle.

Shaw said if the driver is identified, he should lose his licence without question.

Shaw also said that anyone caught flouting the council's new anti-litter strategy should be named and shamed on a "wall of shame" in the town.

He said a number of people who have been caught littering or fly-tipping, are due to attend court because they refused to pay the fine.

He said once convicted, they should all be put to shame by exposing them to the public.

Shaw also spoke of an incident where he had to persuade a mother of a young child to pick up a dirty nappy discarded from a car. He said there was a bin less than ten steps away from where the woman had thrown the nappy.

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