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REPORTED: DVSA find illegal tyres and transmission fault after Cardiff taxi checks

Image credit: DVSA Enforcement

In a recent operation by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), a taxi in Cardiff was reported after being found to have significant safety issues, including two tyres that were below the legal tread depth.

Additionally, the vehicle had a split transmission CV joint gaiter, a critical component for vehicle safety and operation.

A DVSA Enforcement spokesperson highlighted the importance of routine vehicle checks, stating that the taxi was inspected in Cardiff and had multiple issues. The driver has since been reported for the tyres.

Taxi operators have been urged to perform thorough pre-use checks to identify and rectify potential safety issues, thereby avoiding penalties and more importantly, safeguarding the public.

A DVSA Enforcement spokesperson said: “Do you operate a Taxi or Private hire vehicle? This taxi was inspected in Cardiff, two tyres below the legal limit & a split transmission CV joint gaiter.

“The driver has been reported for the tyre offences.

“You can avoid this by conducting an adequate check before use.”


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