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REPORTED: Liverpool taxi driver caught charging ‘EXTRAS’ and PHV working with space saver wheel

Image credit: LCC Licensing

Liverpool City Council (LCC) uncovered a raft worrying taxi and Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) issues on a night of enforcement in the city centre.

Licensing Enforcement Officers followed up its checks just one day on from its operation with Merseyside Police on Friday.

In images shared on social media licensing officers listed ‘various offences’. The most serious offences included a Hackney Carriage driver overcharging by using an incorrect ‘Extras’ tariff and a PHV driver using a space safer wheel whilst working.

The drivers were reported for the offences.

An LCC spokesperson said: “Liverpool Licensing Enforcement Officers have been checking licensed vehicles operating in the City this evening.

“A number of drivers are to be reported for various offences inc. LCC HCV overcharging /incorrect tariff, PHV plates not affixed, no badges and a badge altered!”


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