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REVEALED: Just one in eight TfL taxi driver licence revocations were successfully appealed at Court

Updated: Mar 24

Just one in eight London taxi driver licence revocations were successfully overturned in court appeals it has been revealed.

In a recent exploration of taxi driver conduct and legal recourse within the capital, a Freedom of Information (FoI) request has shed light on the outcomes of appeals against licence revocations for driving offences made to Magistrates' courts over the past year, ending 31 January 2024.

According to data provided by Transport for London (TfL), there were a total of eight cases where taxi drivers, stripped of their licences for various driving offences, sought to overturn these decisions through the legal system. The FoI request specifically targeted these appeals to gain insight into the effectiveness of the appeal process for taxi drivers facing revocation due to driving misconduct.

The breakdown of the appeals, detailed in TfL's response, indicates that the Magistrates' court hearings took place from June 2023 through to January 2024. Despite the drivers' efforts to reclaim their professional standings, the court upheld the revocation decision in the majority of cases. Specifically, out of the eight appeals lodged, only one resulted in a successful overturning of the initial revocation. Another case saw a variation of the original decision, implying a partial success for the appellant.

The results bring to the forefront the stringent measures and the rigorous scrutiny that taxi drivers in London are subjected to regarding road safety and legal compliance. It also highlights the challenges faced by those seeking to contest TfL's decision to revoke their licences, demonstrating the courts' tendency to side with initial judgments.


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