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REVOKED: Tamworth taxi driver stripped of licence after multiple breaches

Tamworth Borough Council has revoked the licence of a hackney carriage driver found to have repeatedly breached licensing rules.

The decision came after a hearing on 28 March 2024, where the Licensing Committee scrutinised the driver's record and conduct.

The driver faced the Licensing Committee following the accumulation of more than 12 penalty points within a three-year period, an indicator of repeated violations. Tamworth’s penalty points system is designed to address instances of misconduct and ensure drivers adhere to the council’s stringent code of conduct and licence conditions.

Investigations into the driver's actions revealed a pattern of concerning behaviour, including the submission of an inaccurate accident report while operating a licensed vehicle. Furthermore, several complaints regarding the driver's conduct had been lodged with the council's licensing team. This pattern of behaviour prompted further scrutiny, leading to the discovery of two additional incidents since August 2023.

Compounding the driver’s woes, the Hackney Carriage Trade Association submitted a petition questioning the driver’s fitness to hold a licence. This move highlighted the community and professional concerns regarding the individual's suitability for the role. 

As a result of the revocation, the individual is now barred from operating as a licensed taxi driver across the UK. Should they wish to return to the profession, they must reapply for a licence, a process during which the previous revocation will be considered. It will then be at the discretion of the local authority, in accordance with their licensing policy, to grant or refuse the application.

Anna Miller, Tamworth Borough Council’s Assistant Director for Growth and Regeneration, said: “It is vital that licenced taxi drivers comply with the law and work to keep their customers safe.

“Taxi drivers who choose to flout the rules and law, risk losing their licence to operate and potentially risk losing their livelihood. It is rare to see licences revoked; this only happens after proven continued breaches of the rules.

“Our Licensing team take all complaints and incidents very seriously and work hard to ensure that any person breaking the law is convicted and suitable action is taken.”      


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