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REVOKED: Taxi driver with history of speeding points and passenger complaints loses appeal

Blackburn with Darwen Council successfully defended an appeal by a licensed taxi driver who lost his taxi licence due to a history of speeding and negligence.

Blackburn Magistrates' Court dismissed the appeal made by Mr Iqbal Master, upholding the Council's decision and stating the importance of public safety and the council's duty of care.

The court heard that Mr Master, who currently holds 11 points on his driving licence, had failed to notify the Council about his previous convictions, defying his licence conditions. In addition to his points, Mr Master also had multiple past complaints lodged against him, reflecting a concerning pattern of behaviour.

The Magistrates ruling highlighted Mr Master's five speeding points incurred in 2022 on the motorway. This offence occurred within the two-year period leading up to the Council's review and revocation of his licence. In alignment with the Council's policy, the Magistrates found that the revocation decision was justified and necessary.

As a result, Mr Iqbal Master is now banned from operating as a taxi driver in Blackburn with Darwen. The court also imposed a cost of £689.50 on Mr Master, which he is required to pay to the Council.

Councillor Jim Smith, Executive Member for Environment, said: “The Council has a duty of care to protect local people who travel by taxi, something that we take very seriously. This case proves that we will take a hard line with drivers who may put their passengers in danger.

“At a time of year when people are using taxis more to travel to seasonal parties and family gatherings, I think this sends out a clear message that we do take action against unsafe drivers.

“I would also remind anyone who uses taxis to be sure to check that the vehicle has a licence plate and that the driver has a badge on display before getting into a taxi. It’s also a good idea to pre-book private hire vehicles.”


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