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Ride-hailing app Uber plans to offer 10 million rides to those seeking COVID vaccinations

Ride-hailing app Uber has confirmed plans to offer 10 million rides to people ‘disproportionately hurt’ by the COVID-19 virus now seeking vaccinations.

The initial partnership will start in the US and will see the car operator working with the National Urban League, the Morehouse School of Medicine and the National Action Network.

According to Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, the organisations are said to have “deep ties to the communities of colour that have been disproportionately hurt by the pandemic”. More partnerships will be announced in the near future.

Khosrowshahi added: “In the months ahead, alongside our community partners, we’ll work to ensure that those most in need can get to and from a vaccination appointment—and back again for their second and final dose.

“We hope our technology can help make the largest-ever global immunization campaign a success and deliver the benefits of the vaccine quickly, effectively and equitably.”

Daniel E. Dawes, Executive Director, Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine, said: “Now that we have a vaccine approved, our next priority has to be focused on getting as many people vaccinated as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Access to care has long been one of the most pernicious of the social determinants of health and this pandemic has only exacerbated that problem. This is why we are so elated to be joining forces with Uber to work together to create equitable access to the vaccine for so many of our hardest hit communities. The path out of this pandemic runs in parallel with the path towards health equity, and we’re glad to have Uber as a partner along the way.”

Marc H. Morial, President and CEO, National Urban League, said: “The availability of a vaccine is no guarantee that it will reach the communities who are most desperately in need of it. It will require a historic effort on the part of government, private industry and community groups working all working in coordination. We commend Uber for taking the initiative in forming these crucial alliances and we are proud to move forward together in helping to heal the nation.”


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