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RIDE LIKE A ROYAL: FREENOW offering Londoners and tourists ride in regal horse-drawn carriage

Updated: May 1, 2023

Image credit: FREENOW

To celebrate the King’s Coronation FREENOW are offering locals and tourists the chance to ride like royals today in a regal, horse-drawn carriage, just like the King’s very own gilded ceremonial ride.

The carriage is drawn by four large black horses and driven by horsemen.

Offering a hot seat to the stately sights, the royal route begins outside London’s St Martin-in-the-Fields church, before turning onto the Strand, to journey under the gaze of Nelson atop his column. As the carriage passes around the statue of the first King Charles, riders enjoy a view through the Admiralty Arch down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, before ending their journey outside the National Gallery.

This unique experience comes as the capital celebrates 200 years since the first licenced cabs started to operate in 1823.

Natasha Kaursland, 29, London, said: “What an incredible, unforgettable experience. The horses are so majestic and riding past Trafalgar Square was magical. Thank you FREENOW for such a special moment to celebrate next week’s Coronation.”

FREENOW is also offering discount codes to passers-by for 200 FREENOW trips.

FREENOW UK General Manager, Mariusz Zabrocki, said: “Most people only get to witness a Coronation once in their lifetime, so as the mobility super app with the largest vehicle choice for riders across Europe, we want to mark this momentous occasion with something extra special for our customers – a ride to remember.

“At FREENOW we’re all about offering our customers the transport mode of the moment, so we’re particularly excited to provide this unique regal experience, ahead of this year’s most celebrated royal occasion.”


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