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RISING COSTS: Taxi drivers face licensing fees increase in Powys County

Inflation and rising processing costs could push the cost of taxi licensing fees in Powys up over £20 for a three-year taxi driver licence.

The plans are set to be discussed at Powys County Council’s planning, licensing and rights of way committee today, when councillors will vote on whether to introduce the changes.

Powys’s licensing team manager, Sue Jones, said in a report: “Fees for 2023/2024 reflect business starting to return to usual while retaining some of the efficiencies gained by shifting to online application submissions.

“The level of compliance checks for vehicles has not yet returned to pre-covid levels."

According to the report, licensing fees are calculated using a toolkit. For 2023/24 the difference in income on the proposed changes versus that of current fees is approx. £8,500 equating to a 10% increase overall.

If no objections are made to the plans, the fees will come into effect on 1 April 2023.


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