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ROAD CLOSURES: Which bridges are closing for the London New Year's Eve celebrations?

Updated: Jan 3

As London gears up for its much-anticipated annual New Year’s Eve festivities, taxi services are expected to see a sharp increase in demand. This surge comes in tandem with the city's iconic fireworks display, a hallmark event that draws thousands to the heart of the capital.

In preparation for the evening's celebrations, significant road closures will commence in central London from early afternoon, impacting the usual flow of traffic and leading to bus diversions. This disruption is set to intensify the demand for taxi services, as partygoers seek alternative transportation options.

Key closures include several major bridges in central London. Starting from 2pm, Westminster Bridge will be the first to close, followed by Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridges at 7pm, and Lambeth Bridge at 8pm. These closures are critical to ensure the safety and smooth management of the New Year's Eve event.

Transport for London (TfL) has advised that during the times these bridges are closed, those needing to cross the river should opt for Tube services. Notably, unlike previous years, the Tube services will not be free of charge this New Year's Eve, but they will operate throughout the night to accommodate the increased demand.

Taxis are expected to be a popular choice for many revellers, particularly for those looking to avoid the crowded public transport or requiring more direct routes to their destinations. Taxi apps and drivers are preparing for a busy evening, ensuring availability to meet the heightened need for reliable and safe transportation during the celebrations.

In addition to the planned closures, other bridges in central London may also be closed at short notice for public safety reasons, adding to the complexity of travel on New Year's Eve. The public is advised to plan their journeys in advance, stay informed about the latest traffic updates, and be prepared for potential delays due to the increased demand and road restrictions.


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