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ROAD HOG: Private hire driver handed TOR after ignoring police instructions to ‘use correct lane’

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Image credit: GMP Traffic

A private hire driver was reported by police in Manchester after ignoring police instructions to move out of the middle lane of the M60 motorway.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Traffic officers shared details and an image showing the white minicab sitting in lane 2 of the M60.

Police officers displayed a message to the private hire driver to ‘use correct lane’ which was ignored.

The driver of the car was stopped and handed a Traffic Order Report (TOR).

Greater Manchester Police Traffic said via social media: “This vehicle was sat in lane 2 of the M60 near Jct20 and failed to move back to lane 1, ignoring #ZME02 who displayed a helpful message in the rear of the police vehicle to "use correct lane".

“The vehicle was stopped and the driver issued a TOR.”


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