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Road Policing Scotland takes THREE defective taxis out of service after local checks

Image credit: Roads Policing Scotland

In a joint operation conducted at the weekend, the North East Roads Policing Unit (NERPU), in collaboration with Moray Council and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), carried out comprehensive checks on taxis operating in Elgin.

The operation aimed to ensure the safety and compliance of taxi services, protecting both passengers and road users.

According to a spokesperson from Road Policing Scotland, as a result of the operation, three taxis were deemed unfit for service due to defects identified during the inspections. These vehicles were promptly taken out of service until the necessary rectifications were made.

In addition to addressing the vehicle defects, authorities also took action against several other drivers regarding ‘taxi regulation contraventions’. Specific details regarding these contraventions were not provided.

Taxis play a vital role in providing transportation services to the public, and it remains crucial that they adhere to regulatory standards set. Regular inspections and enforcement operations such as this ensure that taxis are roadworthy and meet the necessary safety requirements, thus instilling confidence among passengers.

A Road Policing Scotland spokesperson said: “North East Roads Policing Unit (NERPU) alongside Moray Council and DVSA carried out checks on taxis operating in Elgin this weekend.

“Three taxis were taken out of service until defects on the vehicles were rectified.

“A number of other drivers were dealt with regarding taxi regulation contraventions.”


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