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'ROAD RAGE' taxi driver loses appeal against decision taken by council to revoke licence

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

A taxi driver has lost his appeal against a decision by West Lindsey District Council to revoke his licence.

John Flynn, 58, of Gainsborough, appealed the revocation of his taxi licence by West Lindsey District Council’s Licensing sub-committee to Lincoln Magistrates' Court. The appeal was dismissed at a hearing held on Friday 9 June 2023.

After hearing all the evidence, the District Judge upheld the original decision of the Licensing sub-committee, meaning John Flynn can no longer operate a taxi.

Speaking after the hearing, West Lindsey District Cllr, Jim Snee, Chair of the Licensing sub-committee, said:

“The decision to revoke a licence is never an easy one to make. The paramount reason of hackney carriage and private hire licensing is to protect the public above all else.
“Obtaining a licence from West Lindsey District Council is not an automatic right. Any individual must meet and continue to maintain the exacting standards that we expect of anyone operating on one of our licences.
“The decision by the court to dismiss Mr Flynn’s appeal and uphold the decision of West Lindsey District Council’s Licensing sub-committee, sends a clear message and shows the public that poor behaviour by anyone licensed by West Lindsey District Council will not be accepted.”

West Lindsey Council revoked Mr Flynn’s taxi licence at the original hearing on 21 July 2022. Kim Enderby, Senior Licensing Officer for West Lindsey Council, said:

“We were contacted by a member of public who reported being in a ‘road rage’ type incident involving a vehicle displaying a West Lindsey Taxi Licence plate driven by John Flynn.
“A dashcam on the car driven by the witness had captured the whole incident. We immediately began an investigation, interviewed Mr Flynn, and assessed all available evidence.
“This evidence was placed before the Licensing sub- committee, who revoked the taxi licence. Mr Flynn decided to appeal the decision but lost his appeal at Lincoln Magistrates Court last week.”


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