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RoadSage releases first autonomous display to help taxi drivers and motorists safely communicate

Image credit: RoadSage

RoadSage has released its first autonomous display that aims to help taxi drivers and other motorists safely communicate on the roads.

The clever technology lets drivers create a safe driving space by alerting tailgaters to avoid impending rear- end collisions. It also allows motorists to communicate with other drivers with familiar phrases and messages using emojis and text and other graphic formats.

With a pixel-dense display of 11.3”, 5MP of HD camera and using advanced AI algorithms, RoadSage lets the driver create a safe driving space while out on the roads. The RoadSage’s P4 LED screen capability help boost its visibility to up to 20m in most weather conditions like rain, fog and snow.

The cabbie or motorist can customise warnings, access footage and use other features with end-to-end support from the voice-assisted mobile app and wireless remote control.

Michael Carr, a full-time taxi driver and RoadSage backer, said: “Being on the road for 12 hours a day, RoadSage will keep me and my taxi safe from rear-end collisions first of all, which I like the best.

“I'll be using RoadSage for communication all the time. For example, when I must stop on streets with running traffic to pick up passengers. With RoadSage, I can inform the rear-traffic about this in advance increasing safety.

“I work a lot of night shifts and people with high beam blind me all the time, so with RoadSage that won't be an issue as I can remind them to turn their high beam off.

“Additionally, it would be great to finally say thank you and sorry directly as using hazard lights is illegal. It's surprising so many people use it.

“With RoadSage's advertising feature, I can also create messages to display my company name and telephone number, which will help me stand out from the competition and make my taxi unique.”


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