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Robbers collide with London taxi after running red light during firearms police chase

A London taxi driver unknowingly came to the rescue as three violent robbery suspects ran a red light during a high speed chase through the streets of North London.

Remarkable police bodycam footage revealed the final moments of the chase as they pursued the three suspects who had allegedly just violently robbed tools from a man.

In the footage, made public by Metropolitan Police Service Firearms Command, officers can be seen pursuing a blue Ford Fiesta with the three suspects inside as it speeds through traffic, even driving on the wrong side of the road.

As the suspects approach a junction, where traffic is stationary due to a red light, the car can be seen swerving onto the wrong side of the road to bypass the stop signal.

Just as the suspects think they have made the jump, a London licensed taxi driver travelling across the junction, hits into the Fiesta, causing it to veer out of control and mount the pavement, eventually coming to a halt, slamming into a wall.

Officers, racing to the suspects, were able to apprehend the three men: two of whom were detained after the police had to use tasers.

MPS firearms Command, said on 29 April: "Yesterday, in the @MPSHaringey area, our #SCO19 Trojan Protective Unit officers located and pursued a vehicle whose occupants had punched their victim in the face in order to steal his tools, which were then thrown at police. All three suspects were detained, 2 with the use of taser."

There were no reports of injury to any occupants of the London taxi.

Image credit: Twitter - @MPSFirearms


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