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Rotherham Council propose 7% increase to fares tariff and £10 jump in soiling charge

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) is poised to deliberate on a proposal that would see taxi fares in the borough increase by nearly seven percent.

This matter is scheduled for review at the upcoming cabinet meeting on 22 January.

The rationale for this proposed hike, as outlined in a recent report, stems from the escalating costs linked to operating a licensed vehicle since the last tariff adjustment in 2022. Licence holders contend that this increase is crucial to offset these rising operational expenses and to ensure a viable return on their business.

The suggested modifications to the tariffs align with the increment requested by the Hackney Carriage trade. Under the proposed changes, Tariff 1 – the Standard Tariff – would see the initial mile charge rise from £4.50 to £4.80 (a 6.7% increase), and the cost for each subsequent mile would go from £1.50 to £1.70 (approximately a 13% rise). Additionally, the waiting charge is set to increase from 20p to 30p per minute, marking a significant 50% uptick.

An interesting aspect of the current tariff structure is its design to recuperate most of the first mile charge within the initial half mile. This pricing strategy, factoring in journey time and queue progression for subsequent bookings, will continue post-increase.

Tariff 2, which applies during night time, Sundays, and Bank Holidays (excluding Christmas and New Year), also faces revisions. The new structure under Tariff 2 would see the first mile cost rise from £4.70 to £5.10 (an 8.5% increase), with each additional mile going from £1.70 to £1.90 (an 11.8% increase). The proposal also includes a shift in the starting time for this tariff on non-Sunday/Bank Holiday days from 9pm to 8pm.

Tariff 3, specific to the Christmas and New Year period, is also subject to adjustment. The proposed rates would set the first mile charge at £7.30 (up from £7.00) and £2.20 for each subsequent mile (up from £1.90).

Across all tariffs, there are two additional charges of note. The soiling charge, applicable in cases of passenger sickness or spills, is proposed to increase from £50 to £60, a 20% rise. The Large Group Surcharge, which applies when five or more passengers are transported, involves a 1.5 multiplier to the applicable tariff.

Pending cabinet approval, these proposed changes will undergo public consultation. In the absence of objections, the new tariffs and soiling charge could be implemented immediately, marking a notable shift in the cost structure of Hackney Carriage services in Rotherham.


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