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RUBBER NECKERS FINED: Surrey Police catch M25 motorists filming collision scene

Updated: May 15, 2023

Image credit: Surrey Police Roads Unit

Surrey Police caught several drivers using their mobile phones to film the scene of a collision in a recent incident on the M25.

In response, the Police took to social media to inform these drivers that they were not the only ones filming, and that they can expect to receive a letter through the post soon offering up penalty points and £200 fines.

Filming a collision scene while driving is seen as a dangerous and illegal activity. It not only distracts the driver from the road, but it also puts other road users at risk.

The UK Government recently implemented strict laws against using mobile phones while driving, with the penalty for a first-time offence being 6 points on the driving licence and a £200 fine.

A Surrey Police Roads Unit spokesperson said via social media: “If you decided to film the collision scene on the M25 with your phone as you drove past us today...we thought we'd let you know you weren't the only ones filming! Expect a letter through the post inviting you to receive 6 points and a £200 fine.”


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