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RURAL TRANSPORT IDEAS: £2million competition launched to drive innovation and reduce emissions

The Department for Transport has announced the launch of a new competition aimed at revolutionising the transportation industry.

The Transport Decarbonisation Demonstrators programme, funded by a £2million investment, will encourage businesses and local authorities to collaborate on developing and trialing sustainable transport schemes that significantly cut emissions in the long term.

In addition to promoting sustainable practices, the programme aims to stimulate local economies by supporting businesses in bringing their innovative solutions closer to the market. The initiative will provide funding opportunities for UK businesses, allowing them to apply for grants of up to £500,000 to conduct on-the-ground trials that address pressing transportation challenges in their respective regions.

The £2million fund has earmarked half its budget specifically for rural areas, recognising the unique challenges they face in terms of accessing jobs and reducing loneliness. By supporting technology and innovation projects in these areas, the programme seeks to unlock the benefits of cutting-edge solutions for rural communities.

The trials funded through this competition are expected to play a crucial role in the development of green transportation systems. Furthermore, they will enhance the availability and diversity of transportation options for commuters and passengers across the country.

Prominent national innovation agency, Innovate UK, will administer the competitive grants. Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation, will oversee the process, ensuring that businesses have the necessary resources and support to grow and develop new technologies.

The competition is set to open 27 November and will close 8 January 2024. Interested businesses are encouraged to apply online, leveraging this incredible opportunity to drive sustainable change in the transportation industry.

Mike Biddle, Executive Director Net Zero at Innovate UK, said: “Taking a place-based approach to decarbonise our transport systems is critical if we are to reach our net zero targets both locally and nationally and prosper from the transition to net zero.

“Innovate UK are delighted to be working with the Department for Transport to invest £2 million in innovation projects aimed at not only reducing emissions, but also building key partnerships between local authorities and businesses which will ensure maximum impact.”


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